Senior Jazz Band Tour

On Friday the 1st of May after a healthy breakfast, a cacophony of young jazz enthusiasts boarded Nuline bus with sunnies on, wearing their fluffy Yamaha sponsored band hoodies and claimed the back seat with their milo ice creams in hand. The 8 hour bus ride began with a mellow vibe of smooth and soothing jazz which crescendoed as we got closer and closer to Mt Gambier.

When we arrived at the performance venue we were all overwhelmed by the sound of exuberant stage bands from around Australia that had poured into Mt Gambier for the famous Generations in Jazz Festival. Our ears feasted on the talents of James Morrison and Ross Irwin, Take 6, Idea of North, Hot Horn Happening and other international artists. We were even lucky enough to meet Ross Irwin and take a photo with him.

The next day, feeling rested and refreshed after a good nights sleep, we ventured once more to the emerald South Australian country side for yet another day of inspirational music making. The day began with a concert featuring the astonishingly impressive winners of last years division 1 stage band. This sent the empowered Mckinnon stage band off to play in division 3, where soloists: Moran Zhou, Vitor Fanstone, Alexia Samiotis, Jamie Morrisey and Jack Doherty- Brown were able to strut their stuff.

The third and final day of this adventure proved to be the most rewarding and inspirational part of the trip. After yet another fulfilling night’s rest we had the opportunity to watch masterclasses run by famous jazz musicians from around the world.

To bring this journey to an end, we were lucky enough to watch Take 6 for a final time as well as many inspirational young Jazz musicians. This world class concert left us excited and inspired by the cornucopia of musical ability that we had been exposed to.

Many thanks for Mr Dmitry Serebrianik and Ms Su Rogerson for getting us involved in Generations in Jazz this year. It would not have been the same without you and all your amazing life advice and stories.

Alexia Samiotis, Camille Stone and Daniel Shaw

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