Year 10 Drama Night

This term the Year Ten students were faced with the task of choosing the scripts they wanted to work with from a selection provided. After careful consideration and much debate they either chose the material they performed or several groups chose to write their pieces themselves. While rehearsing their scripts the students undertook a dramaturgy process investigating all aspects of the character and the world in which their character exists. This was a complex process and new to almost all of them.

To those students: well done, you have risen to all of these challenges with a positive attitude and integrity, congratulations for your perseverance, creativity, focus and dedication. Well done to each and every one of you.

1. IRONIC SLAVERY- Written by Madi Brown-Graham
Madi Brown-Graham, Arielle Cohen, Bethany Evans, Tess Hodgson, Mia Moadim-Lesimha, Jasmine Yan & Jess Zivin
2. GUILT- Written by Robbie Flowers
Justin McKelvie & Elise Williams
3. LITTLE RESISTANCE-Written by Nick Lampos & Frank Torcasio with contributions by the entire group
Andrew Furdetskyy, Sasha Gariev, Emily Laker, Nick Lampos, Frank Torcasio & Jamie Tsaglitiotis (with Dylan Kadish filling in for Lewis Ryder-Hoy)
4. LONESOME CRUISER-Written by Alex Broun
Courtney Donald & Ben Gonsalvez
5. SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION-Written by Cara Morgan with contributions by Henry Xiong
Rhiannon Armstrong, Brayden Chang, Dylan Kadish, Skyler Kah, Lachie McCambley,                         Cara Morgan, Irene Tartiris & Henry Xiong

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