Year 8 Survivor Art Challenge

The Survivor Art Challenge was held on Thursday 25th of June. Each form in Year 8 was split up into their Island Groups to compete in one of the five Art tasks.

The challenges where the Mask (Art), Immunity Necklace (3D), Immunity Idol (Ceramics), T-Shirt Design (Vis-com) and a TV Intro (media).

Points where awarded for the best creations, as well as creativity and teamwork, the winners were:

Immunity Necklace - Rhodes (8H) - Luka Cote, Jason Clayton, Joshua Manning, Caitlin Irving and Luciana Martinez

Immunity Idol - Canary Islands (8C) - Amy Bulman, Nick Livanos and Keelan Armstrong.

Mask - Crete (8H) - Oliver Sirota, Gurtej Barhmi, Chloe Rance, Emily Kilmartin and Lindy Zurbos.

T-shirt - Malta (8B) - Morgan Watkins, Jacob Gray, Sam Kulomiris, Anna Zachariah, Parvathy Balakrishnan and Anthea Dimas.

TV intro - Easter Island (8J) - Ben Harper, Jason Slomoi, Alannah Zapedowski and Nadia Harari

On behalf of the year 8's we would like to thank the Art teachers for putting in so much effort and creating 5 amazing challenges.

Tristan Prazeus

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