Year 8 Survivor Sports

On the last day of Term 2 the Survivor Sport Day was held. Each Year 8 form was split into 3 teams to participate in the three different sports - netball, volleyball and soccer. Up for grabs was a range of prizes, including the all important Survivor points.

In the volleyball, the team for 8L, including Josh Hutson, Rex Daniels-Naim, Jack Dunn, Annie Armstrong, Hollie Smith, Nathan Leech, Cameron Shirley and Lucy Van Amrooy won the final against 8J.

8L continued their winning streak on the netball court with Isaac Fallace, Jack McDavitt, Matt Selvan, Alex Enever, Kat Hart, Abby Jones and Erika Phan winning the final 8-3 against 8N.

In the soccer, the victors were 8B - Sam Kalomiris, James Apostolidis, Matthew Main, Kya Austin, Omer Steinberg, Ashley Hunter, Qiannan Shi, Anthea Dimas, Hannah St John and Schuyler King, winning a tense final 2-1 over 8M. Despite finishing 12th in the soccer, 8L still held on to be the highest ranked form for the day and take out the Survivor Sports Day.

Thank you to the Year 10 MSLA students for umpiring on the day. Overall, it was a really fun day, making the race for the top spot heading into 2nd semester that much more intense!

Jack Dunn

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