Year 9 Drama Night

This term the Year 9 Drama students were faced with the challenge of writing their plays from scratch. All of the work performed had been created by the students through a workshopping and rehearsal process, they assumed the roles of: writer, editor, assistant director and performer.

What an incredible achievement and each and every member of these classes should be incredibly proud of themselves and what they have been able to produce, especially at this very busy and stressful time of year.

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the students on their enthusiasm, effort and their developing abilities. Congratulations on two very wonderful and diverse pieces.

ACT 1: The RestauRANT! Ms. Doctor’s class
This piece was written by Chanelle Amram, Shir Atzmon, Poppy Bushell, Sabrina Hua, Tahli Edwards, Rose Romaine and with contributions from the entire class
The Lang Family:  Sabrina Hua, Kathy Lee, Kosei Liu, Marcus Luong, Justin Tang
The Maxwell Family: Chanelle Amram, Helena Manoussios, Sapna Sharma, Naomi Warren,   Jade Wulkan
The Kensington Family: Poppy Bushell, Rex Crane, Tahli Edwards
The Vigstone Family: Alina Alieva, Shir Atzmon, Jasmine El Horri, Rose Romaine,
The Restaurant Staff: Hayley Beaumont, Isabella Freidin, Ezra Hooper

ACT 2: Whodunnit? Mrs. Baker’s class
Past students gather every decade for reunions, celebrations and sleuthing, desperate to discover who is murdering their friends and classmates.
This piece was written by the entire class.
Bryn Armstrong, Katie Binks, Kate Collier, Jack Doyle, Lucia El-Osta, Matias Fernanadez,       Diane Georges, Natasha Glocer, Charlotte Hayward, Asker Howhwy Barclay,  Cruiz Leech, Declan Long, George Milopteris, Kiara Mizan, Hennie Nahari, Harry O'Dea, Christina Paizis, Leeza Parthenios, Amy Price, Anna Rhind, Declan Skahill, David Skliar, Cyrene Sparks, Erin Thit, Alex Thomaidis & Angela Ye

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