French Model UN Conference

On Friday the 24th of July, four Year 12 students of French attended the French Model UN conference organized by United Nations of Australia and the Association of French Teachers in Victoria, the Department of Education and Training at the University of Melbourne.

The topic of the conference was refugees, a very pertinent political question on a national and international scale. Our students: Liss Gibert, Greta Skahill, Abhipree Sharma and Mariel Beiers represented Lebanon. Prior to the conference, they worked diligently to understand the question of refugees from a Lebanese perspective and then, they discussed the position they would adopt, as delegates from Lebanon during the UN talks.

The conference was entirely held in French. A representative of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre opened the talks by discussing in French the current situation of refugees in Australia. Then, delegates of francophone countries exposed their countries views and discussed amendments to the resolution and voted on the final text.

The girls' participation in this experience in quite remarkable. Not only does it demonstrate a high level of understanding and strong communication skills in French, it requires a global perspective and thoughtful consideration of a very topical issue facing both Australia and the world.

Congratulations Liss, Greta, Abhipree and Mariel on your involvement in this fantastic learning opportunity.

Mr Hubert

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