Asia Week 2015

This year McKinnon Secondary College celebrated the 21st Asia Week which occurred during the last week of Term 3.

The week's main purpose is to focus on Asian cultures and includes a wide variety of fun activities such as: staff dress-ups, food stalls and cooking classes, Asian games and sports, as well as a Bollywood workshop for the Year 7s which was very popular. Staff enjoyed various Asian cuisines such as Indian, Chinese and Japanese, and the Year 8s enjoyed a self-defence class.

Various lunchtime activities were held throughout the week: Henna hand painting, Karaoke and Manga. Students were given the opportunity of trying various Asian cuisines such as samosas, sushi, spring rolls and falafels.

Overall, it was an enjoyable week and would not have been possible without the hard work of Mrs Nayyar and the staff.

Braydon Ross, 9B

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