Big Band Bash

On Monday 26th October the 2nd Big Band Bash was held in the Assembly Hall at McKinnon Secondary College.
Our very talented students, featuring all three Stage Bands, with special guests “Let’s Dance Big Band”, provided a memorable evening of musical entertainment.

This event launched fundraising efforts for senior music students tour of Cuba in 2016 and during the night we raised $3400!!

“Cuban Summer” dress up theme offered everyone an opportunity to design very creative costumes both for students and parents. Special prizes were awarded for “best dressed” by our esteemed judges the Senior Stage Band captains.

An appreciative audience enjoyed drinks and nibbles as they watched the performances. There were raffles and various games throughout the night. The large hall had been transformed into a more intimate venue with small tables enhancing the relaxed atmosphere.

Thanks to everyone for coming along to share the evening and support the students. Special mention to Robyn Pryor for designing stage and table decorations to create “Sunset in Cuba” atmosphere and for spearheading fundraising efforts with the support of parents. Great appreciation goes to Nick Xanthoudakis and students’ stage crew for looking after audio and visual requirements of various ensembles.

Also, many thanks to “Let’s Dance Big Band” and their band leader Mick McKeon for their performance at the night, We hope to have them part of our music events in the future.

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