Year 12 Studio Art Exhibition

A night filled with wine, cheese and phenomenal art… This year’s VCE Studio Arts exhibition proved to be a great success.

Held on October 21 in our very own library foyer and accompanying classrooms, it was a night to celebrate all the hard work and talent poured into our individual artworks.

With the tremendous help of Ms Pryor, Rai Jewell and Luisa Marollo, we were able to transform the simple classrooms into an exhibition space which showcased our work in a professional manner. Seeing our art work in such an environment truly transformed each one of us from being just a mere student, into an artist.

Family, teachers and friends were all able to observe and ponder on the various themes, ranging from the stifling effects of fear, to the serene and beautiful essence of nature, and even to the vast, mysterious and wondrous universe.

Overall, it was a night in which we reflected upon our success and hard work throughout this year in Studio Arts. We are all so proud of each other and the effort which has been put into all our works - it has definitely paid off. This has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which we will not forget and a class we will dearly miss.

Maggie Zhou, 11L

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