Year 11 Theatre Studies Night

On Thursday 29th. October the Year 11 Theatre Studies Class presented a simply brilliant piece of self-devised, non-narrative Physical Theatre, with an impressive 3 showings in one night at 6pm, 7pm, and
8pm. The pieces utilised many different spaces throughout the Alan Lawrence Theatre with the audience moving from space to space the same way you would in an art gallery/installation. Each space and each group of performers explored a different human emotion, through the use of their body; blocking, movement, dance, and a small amount of text/dialogue. The piece culminated with the entire class in the theatre exploring the idea of euphoria, as the piece concluded the audience were invited to get up and join in the free flowing dance that brought performers and audience members together, to share in the feeling of elation and happiness.

I’m pleased to say that at each showing every single person got up to join in and therefore experienced feelings of happiness and joy. It was a beautiful sight to behold. The entire class should be congratulated for producing such an innovative and creative piece, I’m sure these performances will be talked about for a long time.

 Lastly I’d like to mention the fact that two students not only designed all of the lighting and sound elements but were also the technicians on the night-a truly amazing achievement.

1. Happiness-Foyer
Ellie Beach, Nevoh Fridberg, Jones Luo, Trisha Michelis

2. Grief-Side Room
Multi-media presentation-Kate, Ellen, Freya

3. Anger-Theatre
Sam Barta, Nina Diaz, Hanna Gutkin, Maddie Kellaway, Yasmin Lamb-Tjahjono, Honey Pedersen

4. Confusion-Hallway
Julia Behrens, Ella Harold, Ursula Kirk,   Ella McEwan, Rylee Pedder, Jessie Wu

5. Love- A1
Katina Bechter, Anna McCooke, Bryce Morley, Bianca Pardo, Freya Parker

6. Euphoria-Theatre
The entire cast

Lighting Designer and Technician-Kate Baldwin, Sound Designer and Technician-Ellen Nichols

Ms. Doctor

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