Year 8 French Incursion

The Melbourne French Theatre Company is a renowned bilingual company who perform plays in French and English and run workshops with students.

On Wednesday the 2nd of December, the seven Year 8 French classes participated in a workshop where they prepared scenes from a play adaptation of the classic French text, Le Petit Nicolas. Led by ananimateur, the students were divided into small groups and rehearsed scenes set in the home, the market and the mechanic.

They were given scripts in both French and English and all students took on roles of the characters. Some even performed as inanimate objects like clocks, trucks and tables.

The small groups performed to the rest of the audience and the best performers were awarded with a 'prix'. The workshop was engaging and lots of fun, but also promoted language learning and theatrical skills.

Director of the company, Michael Bula, closed the session with a comment on the value of language learning and getting involved in theatre. The animateurs were all bilingual, some French and some Australian, but all passionate about language skills and sharing this with students.

Kellie Dickson

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