Antips Abroad Practice Hike

In preparation for our trip to Vietnam and China in June, the Antips group went on a 'Training Weekend' from Saturday the 20th to Sunday the 21st of February. The weekend was spent in the bush lands at Kinglake River Wilderness Camp.

The training involved a physical component to simulate the four day hike through China's Tiger Leaping Gorge. We hiked around 15-17 kilometres on a very warm day, getting a better understanding about staying hydrated, the need for comfortable hiking books, staying together as a group, leadership and communication.

There was also training in regards to health and safety when travelling through Asia, simulations around what to do in case of emergency (loss of passport, broken legs, lost group member). The third focus was on planning our itineraries for each of the two groups. Both groups are hiking in China, completing a community project in Vietnam (building a classroom or a house for communities in need) and some relaxation in Halong Bay.

Throughout this weekend, both groups worked closely with their leader from Antips (Juan with Team 1, Jess with Team 2) and got to know their travelling group. There will be another training day closer to our departure. This will take place in the city with scenarios about transport, budgets and time limits.

Ms Kirk, Mr Reynolds, Ms Dickson and Mr Machin​

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