9UP Presentations

On Monday 21 March and Tuesday 22 March saw the Year 9s present their findings for their 9UP projects. The students identified a key societal issue they wished to investigate and spent three days in the city testing their hypothesis they created by surveying members of the public and interviewing experts on their topic.

This primary data, along with extensive secondary research was used to create some amazing presentations that delved deep into Melbourne’s attitudes toward their topic.

The presentations were held at school from 7.00pm on each day and the students and staff would like to pass on their most sincere thanks to parents who gave up their evening to watch ALL students present and ask probing questions to get the most out of the students presenting.

Congratulations and thanks to Mr Machin (BYTES Coordinator) and also to all the BYTES mentors who have worked tirelessly with their students to guide them through challenging times. It’s a tremendous learning experience.

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