McKinnon Debating - DAV Round One

#McKDebating has found a new venue for interschool debating this year, at Kilvington Grammar. It is now far easier for students, staff and parents to attend debating rounds. A big shout out has to go to our staff mentors who are working closely with the students this year.

D-grade: Mrs. Angela Masterson and Mr Joshua Cukierman
C-grade: Miss Charlotte Douglas
B-grade: Mr Josh Kamener and Mr. Joshua Cukierman
A-grade: Mr Adrian D'Ambra and Miss Kellie Dickson.

We kicked of the DAV year with round one, on Wednesday night, 2nd March 2016. We had a good night with half of our teams victorious, however,  we managed to collect a staggering 7 best speaker awards out of a possible 8 debates! What a fantastic result as there is only one awarded per debate, not per team. 

We had a lot of d├ębutantes take the floor for the first time so they will be better off for the experience and the feedback provided as it is a long season. We are very hopeful of having at least a couple of teams progressing through the region into the semi finals in the second half of the year.

All of the debates on Wednesday night were very close, both in victory and defeat, but all students brought forward fantastic argument and rebuttal.

The results:

D grade: That Australia should become a republic

Team 1 (Affirmative) - Alexander Khodakovski, Adam El Horri (Best Speaker) and Chad Aizicowitz lost by 1 point to OLSH1.

Team 2 (Aff.) - Sophie Van Doorn, Arwen Verdnik (Best Speaker) and Angel Aguilera defeated Kilvington1 by 2 points.

C grade: That we should not permit the sale of alcohol after midnight

Team 1 (Negative) - Braydon Ross, Lee-Ling Bristow and Anita Voloshin (Best Speaker) lost by 1 point to Kilvington2

Team 2 (Neg.) - James Hardy (Best Speaker), Will Hardy and Alex Hunter lost to Kilvington1 by 2 points.

A/B Combined Grade: That the media should not be permitted to report on criminal cases until after the trial

Team B1  (Aff.) - Prislene Singh, Sarah Tritt and Pedro Aguilera (Best Speaker) defeated OGS1 by 2 points.

Team B2 (Neg.) - Hannah Rosenberg, Brinda Manogaran (Best Speaker) defeated OGS2 by 3 points.

Team A1 (Aff.) - George Nikolakopoulos (Best Speaker), Hailey Gill and Siobhan Halford defeated Kilvington1 by 2 points.

Team A2 (Neg.) - Callie Georgiadis, Alex Henry and Tom Krieser were defeated by two points by OLSH. 

Mr Cukierman. 

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