Year 11 Business Market

On Sunday the 6th of March, 60 Year 11 students from 3 different Business Management classes ranging from Ms Jobson’s, to Mr Verlin’s, and Mr Evan’s classes had to wake up bright and early at 6am and had to meet in good old Oakleigh by 7am.

While feeling sleepy and tired, all the students managed to pull it together and gather in the Oakleigh ‘Sunday Market’ as part of the study excursion. Being a new experience for all the students, they were a little nervous and were in fact questioning themselves, on whether or not this was going to work, but at the end of it all everyone managed to dig into their old storage and found a wide range of some interesting and rather great products, such as household items, CD’s, DVD’s, books, fairy floss, clothes and many more.

Before this day, students spent over 3 weeks making a business plan as part of their first Outcome, as well as acting as a guideline for the day itself. Although there was a sudden change in location going from Bentleigh to Oakleigh, due to the Bentleigh market being shrinked as the train station is currently under construction, everyone quickly adjusted and went along with it. All students benefitted from this event and gained a valuable experience, with a majority of them making some pocket money!

It was a great and unforgettable day, which will definitely stay with us forever!
A special thank you goes out to Mr Verlin, Ms Jobson and especially Mr Evans for organising all the stalls and the payments and for making this day possible!

Written by Irene Tartiris & Nicole Loh

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