24-7 Relay Challenge

On Friday 29 and Saturday 30 April, 1,320 students gathered on the school ovals for the fifth 24/7 Relay Challenge. This year, students were raising funds for The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, State Schools’ Relief and the McKinnon Secondary College Building Fund.

This year we had four staff teams, over 250 parent volunteers and thirteen local businesses that had either donated prizes, money or volunteered their time. 

Highlights this year included two VIP guests, Alex Rowe and Jeff Riseley Australian Olympians from the VIS, the staff band, ‘Duck and Cover’ returned this year new and improved, playing a 45-minute set to a packed oval, the special electronic batons and mats, that counted every team’s laps, a silent movie, the football and seven hours of rain. Wow what a busy year it has been!

There are four main prizes this year; most laps, best dressed, most courageous and most money raised. The most laps was won by ‘We Thought They Said RUM', who ran 520 laps of the oval, completing over 306km which equates to an average of 43km per person, they nearly ran the distance of a marathon! The other three team prizes will be decided and awarded at a later date.

Thank you to all the parents and local businesses that helped out this year. Without you we wouldn’t have been able to run this event successfully.

Callum Lloyd and Lauren Mauger
Event Organisers

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