Intermediate Round Robin Sport

On Monday 2 May the Kingston Division held its Term 2 Round Robin incorporating the Squash and Table Tennis Day for Senior and Intermediate players across various venues.

Results are as follows: (Sport, Result, Coach & Venue)
  • Boys Squash: Senior (1st), Intermediate (1st), KIP at Moorabbin Squash
  • Girls Squash: Senior (1st), Intermediate (2nd), KIP
  • Boys Table Tennis: Senior (1st), Intermediate (1st), BRN at Dandenong Oasis
  • Girls Table Tennis: Senior (1st), Intermediate (1st), WEI
  • Netball: A (1st), B (1st), CRO at Dales Park
  • Football: (2nd), MCC/REJ at King George Reserve
  • Badminton Boys: A (1st), B (1st), MUN at Springers
  • Badminton Girls: A (1st), B (3rd), MUN
  • Soccer Boys: (1st), FLO at Sandy Secondary Senior Campus
  • Soccer Girls: (1st), SHM at Bailey Reserve
James Bridges
Head of Senior Sport

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