Year 11 Geography Fieldwork

Unit 1 Hazards and disasters Fieldwork

Year 11 and Year 10 Geography enhancement students completed fieldwork on Tuesday 3rd May on a day when they found themselves in a 'hazard'! Tuesday saw bright sunshine but also wind gusts up to 60-70 kmh putting the level of risk from flying debris high but also allowed them to understand the risks that a wind storm such as that combined with sea level rise could inflict on Elsternwick Park, Elwood canal and Elwood beach in the future. 
Students completed a range of geographic data collection techniques such as surveying locals about their opinions regarding sea level rise and the possible threat they could experience. Students were able to determine the areas at most risk and also look at some of the responses to mitigate flooding that the City of Port Phillip have developed. All in all a very interesting and informative day with no negative impacts from the hazardous winds that a good hair brush might be able to fix!

Ms Bourke and Mr Rood

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