Year 10 Drama Night

The Year 10 Drama Night Performance was held on Thursday 27th. May and was well attended by supportive family and friends and Mrs. Binnion. The program offered a diverse range of performances and made the audience laugh, and cry. Most of the groups had written their scripts themselves and should be proud of what they were able to achieve in a very short amount of time. The entire class should be proud of their efforts, achievements and developing talents. Congratulations on a truly wonderful night!
The program ran as follows:

Act 1

1. Worlds Collide
written based on an episode of Seinfeld and performed by
Cam Duncan, Jake Roberts, Justin Tang, Thom Van Breda

2... Psychological
written and performed by
Sabrina Hua, Alex Glasheen, Kate Collier, Rony Olesh, Chelsea Parish, Sapna Sharma,

3. Bus-stop
written and performed by
Cailyn Harris, Zoe Manning, Erica Stavrinos


Act 2

1. Cyril
written by Ms. Doctor and performed by
Asker Hohwy Barclay: Cyril Bills
Anna Rhind: Mary Bills
Tahli Edwards: Clara Burnette

2. The Park
written and performed by
Tash Glocer, Amy Price, Jack Richardson, Lili Soprano

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