Year 11 Theatre Studies

On Wednesday 27th. April. the Year 11 Theatre Studies class presented self-devised performances in the style of Commedia dell’arte. The theatre was almost filled to capacity and the friendly audience were entertained throughout the evening.
The class all performed well and were left feeling proud of their efforts and achievements. Congratulations to them all.
The program ran as follows:

1.L’ospendale de la Manicomio
Thomas Hanna, Nick Lampos, Bridget Schwerdt, Amanda Woods

2. Un fruttivendolo chiamato desiderio
Matt George, Kane O’ Donnell, Maggie Rose Scott-Hill, Savanna Wegman

3. No She Isn’t
Eshley Baker, Maddi Brown-Graham, Brinda Manogaran, Eli Tahana, Irene Tartiris

4. Il Matrimonio

Courtney Donald, Justine McKelvie, Henry Xiong, (absent Pedro Aguliera)

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