Year 8 Science - Miss Edwards

Last week in Miss Edwards’ Year 8 Science class students were given a choice to complete a creative task around the topic of elements. Students had many different options to choose from such as; create a rap, poem, 3D model, mind-map, crossword or anything else they deemed creative. On presentation day, I was amazed at the creative work they had put together.

Stavi Modelevich created an interactive periodic table from a 3D printer! As you can see in the image provided; Stavi had created electron shell diagrams for the first 20 elements of the periodic table and depicted the element symbol inside each shell. Each electron shell is interactive and moveable. Stavi explained to the class that he first created it online using a 3D printer program. Well done Stavi! Very impressive work.

Hamish Jobling also blew us away with his humongous 3D model of a carbon atom. He explained to the class where the protons, neutrons and electrons exist and defined how many are found in a carbon atom. Well done Hamish!

Erisha Tayal took to a bit of poetry with this incredible piece of work that she presented to the class. A scientific poet is on the rise! Well done Erisha!

Josie Alfawwal created a hip-modern rap piece that explored the first 20 elements of the periodic table. We even had a member of the class beat-box for her! Well done Josie!

Kelvin Nguyen & Alex Mantle took to the stage with their very own ‘Stand Up Comedy’ piece. My favourite joke was ‘Q: What is it called if the Queen of England farts? A: A noble gas’. Well done Kelvin & Alex!

Ethan Ferry also did an incredibly entertaining rendition of the song ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry - but replaced the lyrics with scientific concepts related to the elements! Well done Ethan!

Mia Trauffler also did an amazing animation that you can see here

Miss Edwards

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