Break Dancing Stars

Our two B-Boying breakdancers Huy Anh Nguyen and Yohei Hidano represented the college at the Interschool Breakdancing competition held at Melbourne High recently.

Both B-Boys registered in the 1 on 1 and the 2 on 2 competitions.
Unfortunately both boys found the 1 on 1 battles extremely tough with Anh meeting the champion of the competition in the first round!

The boys joined forces for the 2 on 2 competition.  They met Melbourne High School B team in the Top 8 and won! In the semi final they convincingly beat Melbourne High School Team A crew 3-0 in a straight win. Ahn and Yohei  were in the Grand Final!  Competing so well with their tricks the judges couldn't separate the teams and the final was called a draw.  This meant Ahn and Yohei went to an extra round in a tie break battle.  Sadly they couldn't win the tie break round and came a very honourable second.

Below are the links to the photos of the competition,
Look out for the Melbourne High School Youtube video.

Congratulations again boys, the college is extremely proud of your efforts and are thrilled that as International students you have enjoyed representing the college in interschool sport.

We look forward to see the B-Boys performance at general assembly during Asia Week !

Mrs Hooper
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