School Athletics Carnival

With only 9 days before the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics, it was good to see so many students embracing the Olympic spirit and taking part in a wide range of events scoring valuable points for their houses.

Highlights from the day included exceptional participation rates in all track and field events, the inaugural year 12 quidditch games seeing teams chase down Mr Carrol on their Nimbus 2000’s, and the 40/40 relay performed in wheelchairs with students raising money for the senior school council to donate to deserving charities.

There were 11 new records set on the day: Lilli Baikie in the 13&U Discus & Shot Put, Genevieve O’Brien in the 14 years 800m & 1500m, Jemma Owen in the 16 years Discus, Jason Clayton in the 15 years 800m & 1500m, Lucas Thompson in the 15 years Long Jump, Jesse Scholz in the 16 years 400m, and, Yotam Kimchi in the 16 years Long Jump and Triple Jump.

These students will join the rest of the Athletics team to represent to school at the Kingston Division Athletics Championships on the 1st September at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve.

Well done to all students who qualified and good luck next month.

Check out our photo gallery: