Cuckoo Restaurant Excursion

The Cuckoo Restaurant and the beautiful town of Olinda again welcomed McKinnon SC on the annual Cuckoo Restaurant German excursion. More than 200 students left McKinnon on Thursday the 4th of August. Winding through the Dandenong Ranges, we arrived with German punctuality at the famous Cuckoo Restaurant.

Students learning German from Years 8 through to 12 had the privilege of eating, dancing, singing and celebrating Bavarian culture. Pommes and Schnitzel were consumed in great quantity and yet students still miraculously found room for desserts such as Zwetschgenkuchen, Bienenstich, Eis, Pfannkuchen and Schokolade.

Our students represented themselves and our school incredibly well. The restaurant staff even labelled this group the best school group that had come through in years.

While students returned home with full stomachs and ‘food comas’, they also returned with a sense of the sheer size of the German-learning cohort. Their enthusiasm for learning about the German language and its cultures was infectious and left everyone excited about going again in August 2017.

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