General Assembly 5/10/16

The final general assembly for the year commenced on the 5th of October. The assembly started with the National Anthem performed by the McKinnon Choir conducted by Ms West.

The McKinnon Choir then performed "Hey Ho" and "Harriet Tubman"

The 2016 School captains, Bianca Pardo and Max Schepisi were then welcomed to the stage to conduct the assembly for the last time.

Mrs Binnion addressed the school in her always inspiring principals address.

There were a number of awards presented including the Geography competition awards presented by Mr Blackmore, The writer of the month awards presented by Mr Jewell, the business management awards presented by Mrs Jobson, the maths competition awards presented by Mr Manolas, the Education perfect maths competition awards presented by Ms Holmes and the Technology competition awards presented by Mrs Munroe and Mrs Hatch.

As well as awards, there were a number of reports and promotions for upcoming events. Phoebe Ponsford, Gilmore house captain and Caitlin Arneil, Monash house captain presented the sports report, Mrs Nayyar showcased the recent Asia week activities with two dance performances and a visual presentation. Jack Dunn and Abby Bachrach-Cox presented on the recent New Caledonia French language trip and Avinash Thandaori and Hannah Rosenberg presented on the recent Year 11 German Hahndorf trip.

Irene Tartiris and Henry Xiong promoted the upcoming Year 11 Theatre Studies Performance on Saturday the 29th of October.

Mr Blackwood and Ms Papworth announce the winner of the house cup for 2016, which was Monash! Congratulations.

Mrs Binnion  then came back to the stage to farewell the class of 2016 with her annual speech filled with statistics and stories from the year.

Mr Noble then concluded the assembly. 

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