Mt Buller Ski Trip

On the 5th of August 2016, 94 year tens, straight out of bed and ready for a fun, snow filled day, gathered in front of McKinnon Secondary College at the hour of 3:20 in the morning.

Everyone was extremely tired and most were in a state of semi-consciousness but as soon as we came to a stop after our 4 hour long trip, we had finally arrived at Mt Buller. Immediately peoples’ tiredness disappeared and everyone was eager to jump right into skiing/snowboarding and hit the slopes. Everyone knew they were going to have an incredible experience.

Once everyone strapped on their skis and snowboards and had sorted their groups and lessons out, people only had fun and excitement for the rest of the day. Soon students were sliding down the slopes of Mt Buller, while others were tumbling down. Many people started races with their mates or just had a relaxing ski; some even tested out the terrain parks, nonetheless everybody enjoyed their time at Mt Buller and thought it was great fun.

Many thanks to all the staff involved, for making all this happen.
It was a day to remember.

Joshua Nai