Year 8 Camp

Year 8 camp was jam packed! New friendships were formed, fears were overcome and memories were made. Although the weather was not ideal, both students and teachers displayed much resilience. Many of the activities were challenging but everyone was encouraged to have a go and try their best. Rawson camp was all about developing team communication and leadership skills, all through fun and exciting activities. Mountain biking, zip lining, canoeing, rock climbing and bushwalking are only a few of the many activities students participated in. These activities involved climbing great heights and getting down and dirty!

One of the highlights for many of the students was the Amazing Race in Walhalla. The serene gold mining town was the perfect location for an event as such. Not only were the houses and buildings beautiful, the scenery was truly alluring. Each survivor group completed tasks such as collecting tokens, transporting water in buckets and some even searched for graves in the old cemetery! The Amazing Race was not only a great workout, it was a great way to learn the history of Walhalla. This was both an enjoyable and enriching experience for all participants.

The weather was dreadful, however this did not stop the fun! Table tennis competitions, squares and yoga replaced the outdoor activities. While this camp was predominantly sports oriented, many of the students (even some of the teachers) enthusiastically took part in karaoke and dance competitions. Mealtimes were a great place to get to know people and make new friends. Camp Rawson has made Year 8, as a whole, much closer. On the last night of camp we watched a movie, which was a relaxing way to end what had been two very busy and tiring days. On the last day, before leaving camp, we enjoyed playing group activities on the soccer field. Camp Rawson was a fantastic and unforgettable experience!

Mia Borowitz and Elise O’Donnell
Year 8 Students

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