A trip to the National Gallery

On Thursday November 17, 7I went on an amazing excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria. It was such a great day  firstly seeing and learning about cultural masterpieces such as ‘ Weeping Woman’ by Picasso and then doing some painting in the afternoon.

One of the many highlights of the day was the men in 7I creating a poem and then performing it in the public gallery where visitors were strolling past. The guides Susan and David from the gallery were amazing in terms of their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Susan managed to get the boys to create and perform their awesome poem in front of the painting the poem was about, ‘ Untitled Red’ by Mark Rothko. The afternoon session introduced the children to many different forms and styles of arts where students painted their own little masterpieces using some of the styles taught to them by David.

Untitled red.jpg

It was such an amazing day, one of the best excursions I have had the pleasure of attending. Special congratulations to Tomer Pik who created and edited the video that you see on the website. Special thanks to the Art Department for organising the excursion !

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