Ashley Hunter - 2017 National Inline Speed Skating

The racing was held in Adelaide this year from Monday 16 January to Sunday 22 January, with only one rest day being on the Thursday. Road was from 16-18 January, the track was from 20-21 January and the marathon was on 22 January.

Here are the events that I got medals in:

3rd:  10 km points elimination (15-19)
2nd:  5 km points (15-19)
2nd:  1000 m (15-19)
3rd:  5000 m relay (open)

1st:  300 m time trial (u/18)
1st:  3000 m (u/18)
1st:  500 m (u/18)
1st:  1000 m (u/18)
2nd:  3000 m relay (open)

3rd:  42.195 km (open)

For me the best event was the marathon because it is an open-age event and I got 3rd place. I got the best place out of the juniors in that race.

Ashley Hunter (Year 10)

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