Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 28 February saw Melbourne put on a stunning day for our annual McKinnon Swimming Carnival. Sunshine ensured that the day kicked off with a mighty display of costumes from our Hollywood Heroes theme. 

For the first time in a while, the swimming events were very popular (last year was 15 degrees!). Other events such as water polo and beach volleyball saw a record number of students from all year levels participating to get their house the win. McKinnon records were broken (mainly by Will Sharp) and there were plenty of ribbons for outstanding efforts across the day. Results are listed below:
Chisholm 458
Flynn 450
Gilmore 637
Monash 327

Chisholm 130
Flynn 66
Gilmore 104
Monash 128

Chisholm 40
Flynn 56
Gilmore 58
Monash 46

Water Polo
Chisholm 32
Flynn 56
Gilmore 64
Monash 44

Table Tennis
Chisholm 151
Flynn 112
Gilmore 90
Monash 146

Beach Volleyball
Chisholm 47
Flynn 49
Gilmore 42
Monash 46

Fashion Parade
Chisholm 232
Flynn 240
Gilmore 227
Monash 218

Chisholm 10
Flynn 20
Gilmore 30
Monash 20

Sound and Filming
Chisholm 0
Flynn 10
Gilmore 20
Monash 10

Chisholm 1100
Flynn 1059
Gilmore 1272
Monash 985

The annual "WoMankinnon" dance off between staff and students was a highlight of the carnival as always. The students put in lots of effort and almost turned the dance into a concert, such was the length of the dance. However, the staff were once again victorious paying tribute to stars that passed away in 2016 including George Michael and Prince.

At the end of the day it was once again Gilmore winning the overall trophy for the 6th straight swimming sports. Congratulations to Gilmore, and thanks to all students who participated and helped across the day. A big thank you to all the staff who made the day amazing. 

Tim Blackwood

Head of Physical Education

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