Up close with a Crocodile

On Friday 24 February, students taking Unit 1 VCE Biology participated in an up close, hands on, enthralling animal incursion with Reptile Encounters. For the past few weeks students have been learning about structural, physiological and behavioural adaptations that make animals fit to survive in their current environment. The focus of this experience was to provide students with an opportunity to visualise the content they had been learning, before their very eyes. Whilst images, videos and diagrams help to engage students in the classroom, being able to link it to a moving animal in front of you is a completely different learning experience. Students met with a variety of different animals such as:
  • 'Tiny' a four metre python with a fantastic ability to constrict its prey and camouflage itself in its environment
  • 'Charlie' a baby Saltwater crocodile with its three eyelids developed to swim through the water and catch its prey
  • 'Harry' a barn owl with lopsided ears that enable it to hear prey/predators from above or below
  • 'Rex' a shingleback lizard with a tail that looks like its' head to confuse and deter predators

Overall students thoroughly enjoyed the experience by being able to put into practice what they had learned and have a scientific discussion with the presenter about animal adaptations. Since having the incursion, students were enthusiastic to learn more about why animals behave a particular way or possess morphological characteristics. VCE Biology students are now learning about what happens internally inside animals to help them adjust to their environment.

Olivia Edwards

VCE Biology Teacher

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