Year 12 Camp

As the last ever camp together as a whole year level, the Class of 2017 were ready to make the most of it. We departed without a hitch on Monday the 6th of February and arrived at the Phillip Island Adventure Camp for three days of activities, lectures, guest speakers and preparation for the long year ahead.

In-between English writing workshops, lectures on what an ATAR is (and what we can do with it), stress-management sessions and an inspiring guest speaker, Nathan Hulls, we also had time to squeeze in activities around the campsite. Some braved the giant swing and flying fox, whilst others made it through canoeing surprisingly dry only to jump in the pool shortly thereafter. On the first evening, we even presented a series of short skits on life in Year 12, with some received as downright hilarious, and others just plain confusing.

We would like to thank all of the teachers who came along, not only for helping us throughout the three-day study camp, but also the five years beforehand. Bring on 2017!

Bridget Schwerdt - Year 12

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