French Film Festival

The French Film Festival is currently running in Melbourne and the two Year 10 French classes made the most of the opportunity by attending a student screening of "Un sac de billes" on Friday 17 March at the Como Cinema in South Yarra.

The film is set in France during the Second World War and follows the experiences of a Jewish family living in Paris. Two brothers are forced to leave Paris and their family to find protection in the south of France. It is based on an autobiography written by Joseph Joffo.

Our students, along with students from several other schools, were quite moved by the story and were very glad to have seen the film. As the two brothers spend some time in Nice, it was particularly interesting to see some of the sites that many of these students will visit themselves when they travel to France at the end of the year.

Thank you to Mme Antal for organising the excursion and to Ms Dickson for accompanying the group. Thanks also to the students whose behaviour was impeccable.

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