House Music Festival

An amazing nights’ entertainment was had on Tuesday 21 March with the House Music Festival.  The House Music Festival was an incredible night and thank you to all staff, students (past and present), family and friends who joined us on this fabulous night.  Congratulations to all the Music House Captains for the amazing commitment they made in preparing their groups for this event.  The standard was incredibly high, and it is a pity that we could only have one winner. 

Congratulations to MONASH for their fantastic win.  Thanks to their music captains who led and developed this group - Captains: Vitor FanstoneArran DunbarClaire Pardo and Angela Chen. Thank you to our amazing adjudicators Charlotte Barker and Lachlan Mackay, your feedback was greatly appreciated.

Thank you also to the other amazing Music House Captains – Chisholm Captains: Michael Shaw,Chantelle Malton and Jasmine Yan; Flynn Captains: Matthew SimosMatthew GeorgeArielle Cohen and Neg Hamedani Zadeh and Gilmore Captains: Andy ZhanDarcy Doherty-BrownTess Hodgson and Jessie Park.

Finally thanks to Ms Theresa Ford and her continuing commitment to this festival. Her organisational skills, time and encouragement of all the houses is amazing and highly appreciated.  Without her fantastic leadership, this night would not be possible.

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