Year 9 Urban Project (9UP)

BYTES is compulsory subject for Year 9 students that focuses on developing skills that may not be taught explicitly in other subjects. BYTES builds skills in communication, team management, planning, creativity and digital literacy. These skills will be the key to their achievement in later studies as well as the bedrock of students’ employability in our fast changing job market.

In BYTES, students undertake three compulsory modules (9UP, Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll and Community) and two electives.

The year begins with 9UP (Year 9 Urban Project). 9UP is regularly identified by students as a highlight to their year. This sees students undertake an intensive group research project on a key societal issue of their choice. Some topics this year include: “increased automation in the workplace”, “the gender pay gap”, “graffiti vs street art”, “euthanasia” and “the impact of domestic violence on the community”.

Year 9 students spent three days in the city in late February and early March gathering data on Melbournians attitudes to their topic. Most groups have surveyed over 300 members of the public and interviewed experts in their field - giving them a great source of data.

They are currently working feverishly in their groups undertaking secondary research, collating and analysing their data to find trends and differences in attitudes between gender, age, education of respondents and other key factors. They are also working in their teams to assign roles and report to their group on their progress in building presentations, creating graphs to visualise their findings and drawing links between their research and other sources they have found. This process is developing analysis, creative problem solving, communication and team management skills - invaluable skills in senior school and in later life.

Students will present their findings in groups in formal presentations to staff, parents, families and their peers on Monday 27 or Tuesday 28 March from 7pm in the Hall, Music Auditorium, the MERC or the Library. All parents, families and staff are invited to attend to appreciate the level of effort and analysis students have put in over the term.

Mr David Machin

Bytes Coordinator

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