Grok Web Competition

Congratulations to the students who completed the Grok Web Competition that ran in March. It was great to see some of our new Year 7s rising to the challenge and doing particularly well. Here is what they had to say:

Shirley Munro
IT Teacher

My name is Steph Georgantas from 7K and I recently completed the Grok Web Competition. I thoroughly enjoyed this competition. I learnt how to create websites using html and CSS and I didn’t have any prior experience. I highly recommend you giving it a go – you will be pleasantly surprised.
Stephanie Georgantas (Year 7)

The Web Comp was a great experience. It was fun to code and in the end I got to make a website. It is a course on how to create a website and I would recommend it not only to programmers but also to students who love designing or anyone who wants to have fun. I really enjoyed the challenge and I would like to take part in the Grok Learning Web Comp next year as well.
Maya Ben Harim  (Year 7)

I actually started the Grok Web Competition late as I had thought it was only for people who knew how to code already. Then I saw the McKinnon News and read that it also taught beginners how to code, so I emailed Mrs Munro, who organised it and we figured things out. It was an amazing experience as the tasks were tough, but it was this which made it all the more satisfying to finally complete that task. I have learned a lot and I would recommend this to anyone who either wants to learn to code, can already code but wants to possibly broaden their skills or for anyone a bit curious.
Ido Shahar (Year 7)