Model UN Conference

On Thursday 27 April McKinnon hosted the Model UN where a number of schools attended McKinnon to debate the topic of Zero Hunger: Ending Global Poverty and Addressing Universal Food Security.  Students worked in small groups and in total 31 countries from seven local schools were represented from Australia to Yemen. Students had to give a short position statement in the morning and then participated in General Caucus where delegates debated the Draft Resolution and its clauses, expressing their countries views and seeking the views of other countries. After a wonderful lunch, students then moved onto amendments, where amendments to the proposed resolution were debated on. Finally the students then voted on the final resolution which was accepted.

It was a wonderful day with students working well in teams, discussing and debating issues that are real and relevant to the future world which they will inherit from our generation. Rest assured I believe it is in great hands. Special thanks to all who helped on the day particularly the facilities team, Frau Fowler for her pre-organisation, Mr Cukierman for his assistance on the day and the lovely canteen staff for the wonderful lunch.


Mr Jhoomun

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