Big Data Challenge

The Big Data Challenge was a wonderful opportunity provided to us by the Accounting Faculty at the school. A group of ten Year 12 students, including myself, went to Monash University for the day to conduct a research activity on one of three business-related topics that we could choose from (Business Analytics, Actuarial Science and Econometrics). We were put into groups of 3-5 students from other schools in order to complete the task and we then presented our findings to a class of other students.

While being provided free food for the day, this experience gave us the opportunity to meet new people, make friends and learn about things like data analysis and how climate change might affect our Australian businesses. 

Overall, the day was fantastic and taught us a lot. The winning team on the day won themselves a Monash hoodie each (Ben Gonsalvez was on one of the winning teams).

Definitely an opportunity that any Accounting student that is studying a Maths subject, should take, if the chance arises in future years. Thank you to Mr Noble for driving us to the university and to Ms McKinlay for providing us with this chance and for supporting us on the day.

Nick Angelopoulos
Year 12 Student

Quotes from Students -

Hayden Aizicowitz: 'Very informative and hands-on.'

Yishai Elaluf: 'An amazing learning curve and gave me a huge insight into university life.'

Liam De La Harpe: 'Participating in the Big Data Day was an amazing experience and I met a lot of people.'

Ben Gonsalvez: 'Hard, long and interesting'.

left to right: Yuehan Zhao, Nicholas Chin, Daniel Lee, Nick Angelopoulos, Elise Williams & Melinda Yan

left to right: Liam De La Harpe, Yishai Elaluf, Hayden Aizicowitz & Ben Gonsalvez

Marika McKinlay
Accounting Teacher