Language Perfect

The Language Perfect program has been part of the McKinnon Languages program for more than three years and allows students to learn vocabulary and grammar in an enjoyable way. Teachers are also able to set tasks at school, for homework or assessment. The program measures the individual student learning throughout the year and gives the teachers feedback about the completion of tasks and success rates.

And every year the Language Perfect World Championship challenges schools from around the world to learn languages. Last year McKinnon Secondary College won this competition. This year the competition has 1448 participating schools and organisations in 27 countries.

During the ten days of this championship, all McKinnon students and staff have been enrolled in this competition and get involved in language learning. Many who do not learn a language in the classroom have taken on the offer of 19 languages.

Competition is tough and our students have demonstrated once again that they are always up for a challenge. Our students have completed more than two million questions on Language Perfect. I would like to congratulate especially our Year 7 students who have filled several classrooms and the foyer during lunch times to keep us in the top ranks.

Congratulations to all participants on their excellent effort in language learning!

Andrea Fowler
Head of Languages

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