German Exchange

New friends, new foods, new words, no school uniform, no shortage of chocolate! Just the start of a list of experiences and learnings had by our group of students on the return leg of the German Exchange in March and April. The students returned to McKinnon at the end of April after teary and emotional scenes at the departure bus in Kirchhain, bearing witness to the impact that this family-based experience had on our students. 

Students had learned a lot beyond their improvement in German-language skills: students got to know a different kind of school set-up, made presentations about Australia in classes, took part in excursions to the Rhine Valley and other nearby towns and landscapes, ate significant amounts of Döner (which they found to be a lot more deliciously put together than any kebab in Melbourne), had first-hand experience of mouth-watering cakes and sweets, enjoyed a folk-dancing lesson with their German partners, and above all were impressed by the kindness and generosity of their host families. 

The Languages faculty hopes that many long-term friendships have been established. – David Nutting

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