French Exchange: Kids at McKinnon

While the French students have been in Melbourne they have been going to school, dressed beautifully in a McKinnon uniform. They attend classes with their exchange partners and are also attending French classes so that other students can get to know them and ask questions. Our McKinnon French classes are benefiting immensely from the experience, learning about language and culture through these interactions.

Some very generous teachers have given up their time to run special lessons just for the French kids. We'd like to thank the following teachers who have been involved: Mr StrehlauMr Farthing and Liam Adlington (Australian sports), Mr Hughes (Australian history), Mr Machin and Mr Cukierman (Australian politics), Mrs Wilken (Australian cooking), Ms Papworth (Australian music), Ms Sweeney (Australian animals), Ms Melios (Indigenous Cultures), Ms Rodenand Ms Karpathiou (Australian art) and Ms Bourke (Australian Geography).

Thank you to those teachers for taking the time to plan the lessons, put together materials and resources and running the sessions. It is very generous and very much appreciated.
 Kellie DicksonFrench Teacher

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