Cuckoo Restaurant Excursion

On Wednesday 2 August, it took five buses to transport over 230 students and accompanying teachers to the annual excursion to the Cuckoo Restaurant. German learners from Year 8 to Year 12 participated in this annual tradition that has been part of McKinnon for more than 25 years. Whilst this is the first time that many Year 8 students experience this introduction to traditional German food, music and culture, it was sadly the last opportunity for Year 12 students to indulge in a very traditional Bavarian experience during a stressful VCE year.

 The Cuckoo’s unique setting in the Dandenongs and the original Bavarian decor invite students into an environment that many have not experienced before. Surrounded by so many visual and sensual stimuli, that also tickled the taste buds, students enjoyed the wide selection of German mains and desserts.

I would like to thank Mr Nutting for the organisation of these events and all participating teachers for their supervision on the excursion days.

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