French Model UN Conference 2017

  • learn in an innovative and involved manner;
  • deepen their knowledge and understanding of the UN and global issues;
  • practise their public speaking, debating and negotiation skills;
  • understand the importance of dialogue, negotiation and diplomacy;
  • develop and practise their French language skills.

The Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations General Assembly during which participants step into the shoes of country ambassadors to the UN and discuss contentious global issues. This year’s conference took place in the Treasury Theatre in Melbourne on Tuesday 25 July. The theme was "Asylum Seekers and Refugees: A Global Humanitarian Crisis." The entire proceedings was conducted in French, with 98 students from Victorian government and independent schools representing 23 countries. Our participants, Kinga MarffyElla CloughLily Tamir-Regev and Amber Irving, represented la République du Tchad.

This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to:
The girls’ preparation and ability to think quickly and rationally stood them in good stead. They worked well as a team and made valuable contributions to the debate when supporting or making amendments to aspects of the resolution. Our students represented McKinnon with aplomb and maturity. Bravo!

Daniel Casey
French Teacher

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