Year 10 French NGV Excursion

Learning a language is not limited to the classroom, nor is the focus solely on the grammar and vocabulary. On Wednesday 16 August, the Year 10 students of French learnt about French history and culture through looking at works of art at the National Gallery of Victoria and enjoying a Francophone lunch. 

Our guided tour showed us examples of portraits from before and after the Revolution and the students learnt about class division, wealth and discontent within the society. 'La Belle Epoque' was a peaceful period of French history from 1890-1914, where, in the absence of war, advancement in technology, invention and culture became the focus. Observing Pissaro's 'Boulevard Montmartre', the guide noted the change in time with electrical lights, cars, shop windows and people leisurely strolling along the wide streets.

We also looked at the radical work of the Impressionists who moved their easels out into nature and painted their 'impressions' of the changing light, cropping their frames to snippets of everyday life. More modern artists were discussed including Picasso's time in the salons of Paris and the most well-known living French artist, Pierre Soulages who, at 98 years old, still paints every day, favouring the colours black and blue.

We then walked to Degraves St for lunch at Waffle On. Ordering in French, the students enjoyed typical French baguettes: delicious bread with traditional French fillings. Some students also ordered Belgian waffles with ice cream, Nutella and strawberries. It was a fantastic opportunity to use their French language skills in an authentic manner. Thank you to Mr Laucher, whose sons are current and past McKinnon students, for welcoming us to his shop (Waffle On) and speaking to us in French.   

Ms Kellie Dickson and Ms Ludmila Antal
Teachers of Year 10 French

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