Computing Teachers Teach with Stile

All students who are doing Computing courses at McKinnon will be familiar with Stile. This is the website we use to create all our lessons, to distribute files to students, to gather work from students and to give students feedback and grades. Parents should ask their children to log into Stile to see what they have been doing in class.We recently had some visitors from Giant Leap come into school to observe Stile in use with our classes. 

Our guests were very impressed with Stile’s ease of use for both teachers and students. They visited a Year 11 class and a Year 7 class during their visit and were able to see how the teachers could quickly create interactive lessons and monitor student progress and how students could follow tasks at their own pace, easily submitting their work and viewing the content on their chromebooks or on the PCs.

Stile is a cloud based site, so students who miss classes for any reason can easily catch up at home. The Computing teachers are all very enthusiastic about using Stile and the word is starting to spread to other departments. The fantastic talk we had from Andrew Douch fits perfectly with the Stile philosophy where lessons are created online and students can access the work on any device at any time, Giant Leap is Australia's first venture capital fund dedicated to investing into businesses with deep social and environmental impact. 

With Stile having just been awarded an ABA100 Winner in The Australian Business Awards 2017 for Product Innovation, Product Excellence and UX Design Excellence this was an ideal opportunity for  Peter, Rachel and Will from Giant Leap to see it in action. They moved easily around the classrooms chatting with the students and getting their feedback on how Stile helps their learning. The students mentioned how they love being able to submit work easily, can clearly see what work has been finished and marked and that they can move through the lessons at their own pace.

Shirley Munro
IT Teacher