2017 Science Talent Search

This year the Science Talent Search focused on the topic of ‘Future Earth’ which related to renewable energies, conservation, evolution and more. Out of the 25 participants from McKinnon Secondary College, we had many decide to enter different categories: creative writing, models, inventions, board games, computer simulations and more.

On Monday 23rd October, the Science Talent Search held its presentation and exhibition day at LaTrobe University in Bundoora. We had six students invited to receive their bursary awards. These were:
  • Grace Wang, Year 7 for her creative writing piece and received a $50 bursary award
  • David Pedan, Year 8 for his model on particle accelerators and received a $45 bursary award
  • Dylan MacGregor, Year 8 for his computer simulation game on pollution and greenhouse gases and received a $45 bursary award
  • Lavie Kolchinsky and Bharath Balakrishnan, Year 7 for their board game on renewable energy called “Energy Enterprises and received a $40 bursary award
  • Coco Greenberg, Year 9 on her creative writing piece about “It’s the little things…” and received a bursary award of $40

Due to Year 8 camp, only Grace, Lavie and Bharath were able to attend this very special day. I also congratulate all the other fantastic efforts from the rest of the participants and hope they continue to enter more science competitions. Special mention to the following students who received a high distinction:

  • Minji Pyun and Ashleigh Hart on their ‘Water Wastage’ game
  • Naomi Kricheli for her creative writing piece
  • Ki Gu and Evelyn Chui on their experimental report on ‘Potential Electric Powers’
  • Leo Gering on his video ‘Solar to the Max’
  • Aadi Dhapurkar on his video ‘How long will it last?’
  • Michelle Gu and Karleen Han for their video on a “New Pair of Genes”.

Congratulations to Matt Day, Sue Tran, Brianna Tirado, Ruby Powell, Gregory Liarakos, Oscar Lai, Persephone Gardiner, Ori Elbaz, Bridget Chapman and Kitty Connolly. Who also entered this years’ science talent search and received a certificate of merit.

Ms Olivia Edwards
STS Organiser

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