Beep Test Challenge

On Monday 16 October we saw over 25 of McKinnon’s finest athletes take part in the annual Beep Test Challenge held in the Gym at lunchtime. Many of the competitors lined up to try and break some of McKinnon’s long standing records. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a day for records broken but it was great to see so many students giving up their lunchtime to battle it out in their respective age groups.  

It was a mixture of endurance and speed that saw many of the 25 plus competitors reach level 10. Many students went on and in the Junior Girls we had Victoria Poulos (Year 8) take out the win with an impressive score of 10.9 achieved.

The Junior Boys a very hotly contested age group saw many running to their limits with young Flynn Lu (Year 7) boasting a great 11.11. Lastly, but not least, we had the senior half of the field and with two senior girls competing to win the prestigious award. Emma Hattingh (Year 10) came out on top after a late call up, achieving a score of 11.2. On the boys side of the draw our esteemed AFL umpire Mr Foot showed just how fit an AFL Umpire has to be pushing Will Ockenden (Year 12) right to the end with an impressive 14.1. Will has the record for Year 9 with a 15.2, however he could not achieve that this year with a 14.10 - an outstanding effort in 30 degree temperatures.

Liam Adlington

Sport Assistant

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