On Sunday 18 February a group of Year 11 students participating in Antipodeans 2018, headed to the Melbourne CBD for an Antips training day. The day started off receiving our nifty antips hats and proceeded in each group choosing where we would spend the day visiting. Shortly after, we journeyed to our chosen destinations. The MCG, The NGV, a brisk walk around The Tan, The Shrine of Remembrance and finally a food stop along the Yarra River for a well-deserved feed. Finally, after being well fed, we discussed safety procedures, for the unlikely event of someone becoming lost while we were overseas.

The purpose of this training day was for the team to emulate how our trip, held in late June, will be like. We implemented teamwork and problem solving skills as we were required to work as a team to plan where we would go and the route we would travel.

We were also able to become comfortable to use equipment such as hiking boots and backpacks for a long period of time while walking.

The day was overall highly enjoyable, being able to visit some important landmarks in the city, spending time with fellow students and fabulous teachers and getting a taste of the incredibly exciting adventure ahead.

Portia Thorne and Tess Rogers
Year 11 Students

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