If the thought of Big Bash cricket or AFLX upsets the traditionalist within you, then consider yourself lucky you avoid the annual Really Big Bash known as the Senior Boys Cricket day.

A Round Robin of 8-over matches is played to somehow find the best cricketing school in the Kingston Division.

The day of course boasts many highlights with the bat and ball, some creative running between the wickets, and at times some outstanding fielding efforts.

The 8-over format of the day does however lend itself to a degree of luck and good fortune, and often the best side doesn’t come out on top. Alas, we didn’t win on this day, we were defeated on a percentage countback by Bentleigh. But our boys played all day with some tremendous spirit, enthusiasm and pride, and for that it was a pleasure to be involved.

Lachie Arneil, James French and Cal Drenth provided some bashing entertainment with the bat, whilst Timmy Mullane, Myles Sellenger and Josh Dunstan provided the poise and polish all day.

We will be back next year, and hopefully a few more balls bounce our way.

Coach Hudd

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