VCE Formal

Our Annual VCE Formal was held on Thursday 8 March at the Brighton International. As always, much effort was undertaken to ensure this event was a tremendous success. 

Students looked glamorous and I was very grateful for the efforts of Mr Noble, Mr Hudd, Ms Cozens, Ms Andrieux, Ms Mullane, Ms Alexandrou and Mr Hemsley for their organisation of this important event. I also thank our student leaders for their assistance and the many staff who were in attendance and make this event possible. The Management of International Receptions in Brighton love our school because our students are so well behaved and are a credit to their families and our school.

This year sees the end of an amazing relationship with Brighton International. I’d like to acknowledge the support of the management and staff who worked with us for the past 18 years to ensure each event was a success and a memorable and enjoyable occasion for our students and staff. Unfortunately developers will knock down this beautiful building and we need to relocate our annual event. Thank you “Brighton International” for your support and we wish you all the best.

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